As time passes, the original Port Elgin and North Shore Railroad is becoming a very distant memory for a generation of children, parents and grandparents. This site is the only reference to the original PENSRR on the internet. I have dedicated my life to the preservation of this little railroad. It captured my imagination as a child over thirty years ago and continues to today. Although family life consumes most of my free time these days, I hope when my children are old enough, they will be inspired to work hard to achieve a dream, that very few people may understand. I would like to thank a number of people that helped me along the way; my Mom and Dad (Karen and Dave Pearson), Doug Schlenker (original builder), Bruce Morgante (machine shop teacher), Marg and Rob Thorburn (Owners of Scenic Caves) and Doug Cockwell. Without their support this project would have never gotten off the ground. We welcome and appreciate your comments and any pictures or stories you can share. We hope you enjoy your ride. Sincerely Scott Pearson


The Port Elgin and North Shore Railroad was originally a 3 inch scale, 16 inch gauge park train that ran in Port Elgin’s North Shore Park between August 1973 until it was sold in 1978.   The PE&NSRR from 1983-2019, although built by the same company, is not related to or a rebuilt version of the original system.